PT/INR test

What is PT/INR Test and Why it’s Beneficial



PT/INR: Prothrombin Time is a test that measures the time it takes for a clot to form in a blood sample. Additionally, The INR ( International Normalization Ratio) is the Prothrombin Time result multiplied by a coefficient.  It’s the same information just expressed differently. The INR allows standardization and comparison of data from all parts of the world. PT/INR TEST results are used for monitoring people who are being treated with blood thinning medication. Usually Coumadin or Warfarin.



To understand this more precisely, we should know what Prothrombin  is:

Prothrombin is a protein present in Blood Plasma which is converted  into active thrombin during Coagulation. Under ordinary circumstances, when our  body gets a cut or a sudden injury external bleeding begins. Blood platelets arrive first to slow down the bleeding process. Then  protein or Prothrombin causes a solid mass which  is called a Blood Clot.  Shortly thereafter the healing process starts. A problem arises when your body doesn’t  form a blood clot or on when it forms the blood clot when it shouldn’t.This may lead to blockage in arteries and veins. An  unwanted Blood clot is very dangerous and if not medicated early it may  lead to death in severe cases.

When the Blood is too thick, doctors generally prescribe Blood thining medicine like WARFARIN [COUMADIN] which is an anticoagulant drug. An Anticoagulant drug decreases the body’s ability to form dangerous Blood clots.

It is very important to know whether your clotting factor is high or low.A low clotting factor may cause you to bleed too much and a high clotting  factor may cause dangerous clots.

A PT/INR TEST is necessary to find out if blood is clotting normally.  It also  determines if a medicine that prevents the blood from clotting is working the way it should be. It is used to determine the reason for abnormal blood clotting, atypical bleeding, checking clotting function before performing  surgery and liver ailment.  It helps Doctors adjust medication based on PT/INR results.

Patients with these problems are required to monitor their PT/INR on a regular basis to help protect themselves from any medical emergency.

PT/Inr testing KIt

In our busy world people often do not have time to be tested in labs regularly.When you have a PT/INR SELF TESTING KIT at home you can access real time lab-quality results within minutes. It can help to ensure the effectiveness and proper dosage adjustment of the  anticoagulant drug and that a normal PT/INR is  appropriately achieved.

A PT/INR SELF TESTING KIT is very helpful for people who often travel, have a busy schedule or find difficulty leaving home.  It requires only a finger stick instead of a full blood sample.In-home testing is very convenient. Keep a better check on your health and wellness by testing  your PT/INR LEVEL at home.

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