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PATIENT SELF TESTING is a division of Alternative Health Care Inc. (AHC). Established as a California corporation in 1983, AHC is a state of the art technology and disease management company specializing in innovative solutions for patients/physicians and clinics.

Anticoagulation patients are equipped with an easy-to-use monitor (similar in scope and size to home-use blood glucose monitors) to check their INR level. After a quick finger prick and analysis of the blood using the monitor, the patient receives a reading and then communicates the results to AHC’S PATIENT SELF TESTING monitoring center. AHC’S PATIENT SELF TESTING compares the patient’s INR test results to their prescribed therapeutic range and the new results are plotted on an INR trend report that is automatically forwarded to and made available electronically to your physician’s office.’

The benefits of AHC’S PATIENT SELF TESTING program enables the attending physician to utilize home PT/INR monitoring for chronic, oral anticoagulation management for his/her patients by:


    • Providing the equipment and reimbursed supplies at little or NO out of pocket cost to the physician or patient
    • Managing consumable (strips) delivery schedules
    • Collecting test results and making them available to the attending physician for timely adjustments and interventions
    • Improving Quality of Life for the patient – Patient does not have to visit a clinic each week
    • Coordinated billing “Charge Slip” reminders to ensure timely and appropriate reimbursement

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