Help Reduce Drug Related

Reduces the time and burden of dealing with anticoagulation complication

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Covered by most

It is covered under almost all the medical insurances. If you have bought a plan through a Health Insurance Marketplace, your insurance will cover the preventive services. It will         also at least 10 essential health benefits required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Cheaper Than Going to The Lab

You don't need to face the hassle of going to the lab for giving the sample, or collecting the report. You get it on the same place and you don't need to travel. Your reports are yours and the transparency is maintained  

Timely alerts to physicians when patients are out of range

The Physician automatically gets the report and routine check when the patient is not in a position to reach the physician. It makes it easier for the patient to consult the doctor about their health remotely.            


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